What’s this all about?

My name is Adam, aka cYspecter, but just call me Adam. I’m a passionate gamer and I’m watching video game streams basically since the beginnings of broadcasting esport. I recently finished my Math major and now have plenty of time that I want to use to follow my passion: Gaming. That’s why I started my Twitch channel and streaming basically full time right now.

I enjoy almost all game genres, but I am always drawn towards competitive multiplayer games where you test your skills by competing against other players. Usually I play only a single one of those at the same time as it is very time intensive to get good in a competitive game. For me that is Hearthstone right now. I stream my Hearthstone sessions on Saturday and Sunday where I get legend each month and also like to try new and unusual decks.

When I’m not playing Hearthtone I usually enjoy a good rpg. It all started with Final Fantasy VIII and Baldur’s Gate 2. From there on out I played a ton of rpgs with the latest ones being Pillars of Eternity and Tyranny. That’s why you gonna see a lot of rpgs on stream.┬áBut I’m no stranger to platformers, tactical shooters, strategy games and all the other beautiful game genres that make the gaming industry so amazing right now. What a time to be alive. These “casual” games I will play midweek, from Tuesday to Thursday.

To give you an idea, here’s some games I recently played on stream:

  • Dark Souls 3,
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda,
  • Mario + Rabidds,
  • Warcraft 3 TFT,

and many more.

This is my Bio

My name is Adam, I’m 27 a Math major. I am born and raised in Germany and live in a small town called Karlsruhe. Out of all of my hobbies gaming is certainly my biggest passion.