The Channels future.

Unfortunately my journey of streaming is over. While I had a lot of fun and enjoyed the experience, I had to consider the amount of time that I had to put into the stream and therefore lost for other important things in life. Streaming was also not a source of income (not at this level), so I had to come to the decision to change my focus and get more realisitc with my goals in life. I want to hereby thank everyone who joined me over the last couple of months and supported me by watching, chatting, donating, subscribing, etc. . You guys made this experience awesome and unqiue. At the same time I have to apologize to everyone that supported me (not only financially) – I’m sorry that I won’t be able to give you any more content that you might be hoping for or even expected. At this point I can’t say if at any point in the future I will go back to streaming and to what extend. That’s why I want to say goodbye to all of you and wish you the very best of luck in your lifes. 

Love you all,


Hello everyone,

my Name is Adam aka AR_cYspecter. I’m a full-time streamer over at and play Hearthstone as well as many other games. This page is mainly a tool for me to provide a schedule for you guys (just click on the schedule bottom above). While I can’t stream at fixed hours due to my puppy that I have to take care of, I have a fixed schedule when it comes to the days I’m streaming, looking something like this:

  • Tue – Thu: Let’s Plays,
  • Sat & Sun: Hearthstone.

Therefore providing a schedule is crucial so you get the chance to know what game I’ll be playing at what time. I also run a twitter account on which I’ll inform you guys when I go online as well as all other streaming related news regarding my channel. You’ll find the links to my social media at the bottom of this page.

For the fastest navigation throughout this site, I would recommend using the “Quick Navigation” section on the top of this page. You’ll find the schedule as well as a way to catch me live over at Twitch. If you want to read more about me and what I do outside of streaming, just go to the “About” page.

There’s nothing left for me to say other that I look forward to meet you in my chat, have a talk and I hope You’ll

Stay awhile and watch.

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